Kim Sae Ron has apologized through her agency after her recent DUI (driving under the influence) incident.
On May 19, Kim Sae Ron’s agency GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment released the following statement:
“Hello. This is GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment.
First, we apologize for the delay in the official statement as it took time to confirm the facts.
We sincerely apologize for causing concern with the accident that occurred through our agency’s actress Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving.
Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting on her wrongdoing. Furthermore, Kim Sae Ron sincerely conveys her apology to the many people who were harmed and inconvenienced through this as well as all the people who are working hard to repair the damaged public structures. She has promised to do her best to restore the damage.
Kim Sae Ron was sent home after a blood test yesterday (May 18), and she will dutifully cooperate in the police investigation.
The agency also feels deeply responsible that an incident such as this has occurred. We apologize once more to everyone who experienced discomfort from this situation. We will do our best going forward to actively resolve this while communicating.
In order for these situations to not occur, the agency will work harder to be more cautious in managing our artists. We once again apologize for causing concern.”
In addition to apologizing for the accident, Kim Sae Ron also stepped down from the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley” (literal title). A source from Studio S stated, “Kim Sae Ron’s agency expressed her intent to step down along with the apology, so we accepted [the request].”
Earlier on May 18, Kim Sae Ron was booked for drunk driving by the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. Her agency stated that she had taken a blood test, and the results will be available in two weeks. A source from her upcoming Netflix series “Hunting Dogs” (literal title) also commented that they will adjust the filming schedule and make an announcement after a thorough discussion.
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1. So she’s not gonna come out on her own to apologize?
2. But she didn’t apologize???? That’s just her company’s statement. She didn’t even say how they were gonna compensate the merchants and repair the public infrastructures
3. The company is impressive, they are even apologizing for herㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. No but how old is she now? Why isn’t she apologizing for herself?
5. She didn’t even try to comply at the scene of the incident and just ran away since she was gonna get caught by the police. Seeing how she’s suddenly gonna reflect doesn’t match up
6. They should’ve released this yesterday and she should’ve apologized herself today. That would’ve been more normal. Yesterday, her thug company released their statement and they are releasing this again today?
7. Don’t ever come back
8. It’s not like Kim Saeron was some in-demand celebrity either so there’s no need to say things like “I’ll repay you through my acting”… Let’s just retire nicely ^^
9. And how is she gonna pay back the damages?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s funny how she’s not the one apologizing too
10. Should’ve admitted quicker
11. She’s reflecting now? She ran into the transformer and ran away, denied testing her alcohol level, demanded to get a blood test… she should reflect on her character
12. That’s not what she thinks, she should come out and apologize for herself
13. Since she’s not thinking about repaying us with good acting, let’s just not come out anymore..
14. DUI, property damage, hit-and-run, escape.. she has them all
15. We don’t need her reflection. Just don’t come out of broadcast anymore