They’re removing Chuu from overseas tour

They even had a settlement lawsuit before
Anyways I feel bad for breadwinner Chuu..
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This picture still saddens me.. Chuu had schedules to attend to so she couldn’t clean the dorms, so they made her clean back to back with a strike like that… They have 12 members, do they have to do it like that?
(t/n: the strike line + 3 next day are all “Chuu”)
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But even rather than being withdrawn, Chuu should’ve just left her company and went somewhere on her own and it would’ve been better for her
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Is it common to remove someone for an overseas tour like that? They can earn so much money on international tour, why remove her..?
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She has shot tens of ads by herself, if I were her and haven’t received my wage, I’d quit too
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Chuu needs to play in a bigger pond. She can show her charms even better if she finds another place
6. [+65, -2]
In my opinion, since COVID is almost over, I bet the company has already filled the 2nd half of the year full with Chuu’s schedules no? Maybe they weren’t predicting an international tour? Of course, if this was the case, it means the company can f*cking not work
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Chuu let’s so get rid of that companyㅠㅠ
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Looks like they don’t need Chuu anymore now that LOONA gained a bit of recognition through Queendom. If not for Queendom, they would’ve tied Chuu up until the end. They’re too much