[teens stories] IS THIS REALLY FREEZIA?

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1. [+546, -58]
She’s all grown up so who cares if he smokes and goes clubbing?ㅋㅋ know the facts before judging her
2. [+410, -20]
But before the Burning Sun scandal broke out, everyone thought that it was just a normal club so what’s the problem here?
3. [+217, -6]
Is it possible that someone looks this identical to her? I think that it’s indeed Freezia
4. [+187, -20]
Seeing Pann making a fuss about an adult going clubbing and smoking really makes me realize how young the audience is here
5. [+155, -2]
That’s her. That’s the picture she put on Insta

6. [+144, -10]

Before the Burning Sun scandal, I also went there with my friends. We just thought that it was your normal club
7. [+92, -1]
But wasn’t this taken before the Burning Sun scandal? Is going to a club to have fun that much of an important affair?