T/N: For those who’ve been out of loop, Korea has started granting ‘No kids zone’, just like the name says, those are places (cafes especially) that aren’t allowing kids in because they’re noisy/clumsy/etc. We did a small coverage here

“XX is not a no-kids-zone rather a care-kids-zone.
We ask that customers with children to actively take care of them.
We have not prepared baby products such as baby chairs, cups, etc.
Damages can arise to other customers or to the shop’s articles and food or safety issues caused by parent’s carelessness. We ask the parts to take full responsibility over all these matters.
We hope that XX becomes a place where everyone can come together.
In order for us to not turn into a no-kids-zone, we ask you to please be considerate.”
‘Every space of XX is a care kids zone.
We ask that customers with children to actively take care of of them.
In case of negligence and damage to store property or safety accident, the guardian is fully responsible.
Also, please refrain from yelling or swearing at the employee when imposing sanctions on employees.
We strive to become a place where everyone can enjoy in, please be considerate.”
“Care Kids Zone
Parents and children are welcome.
However, you are fully responsible for your kids’ actions.”
The Care Kids Zone was created because of the criticism poured against No Kids Zone saying that children are raised by society.
That’s right. You have to take care of your own children, the cafe (restaurant) is not a local children’s center. It’s nice they have made Care Kids Zone.
It doesn’t make sense to not prepare tableware and chairs for children.
Those are discriminatory places which don’t want to be insulted for being a no-kids zone, yet want to earn money through those babies, but they won’t take any consideration or responsibility.
People are divided by these opinions
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1. [+166, -2]
If you look at the other side, you realize that this is why no kids zone are needed. There wouldn’t be a need for cafes to stick those signs if people were already taking care of the kids
2. [+158, -1]
This is such a given, but I’m sure that even with signs like that, there would be people who although saw the sign, will pretend they didn’t see it and create even more discomfort. If you’re going to act like that, please don’t take your kid anywhere
3. [+113, -3]
Me too, I’m a mother of a child, but if you can’t take care of your kid, please don’t go outside your house
4. [+45,- 2]
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Please refrain from swearing or shouting when imposing sanctions on employees.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is indeed severe
5. [+32, -3]
If a baby chair is not provided, it means that children should not be brought along if possible. It’s best not to take children to places like these. Places without baby chair aren’t places meant to care for babies in the first place and they have set the vibe of the place as such. It’s for the best of both sides if they don’t go.