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Episode 01 6.0 / 6.1 🔻Minimum
Episode 02 6.5 / 7.1
Episode 03 8.4 / 9.2
Episode 04 10.1 / 10.5 🔺️ The best
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1. Seo Hyunjin is the best.. if only there was no love line…
2. I’m enjoying it
3. Seo Hyunjin’s acting is just so immersive ㅋㅋㅋ Was it in ep. 3?? if only they got rid of that love line, everything would’ve been perfect. It’s fun
4. Seo Hyunjin’s acting is so good. Even though I don’t get the love line
5. The love line is so-so ㅠㅠ The male lead is a shame. He breaks all the immersion
6. It’s super fun but the male lead’s visual always breaks the immersion. Especially when they have the love line, he breaks it even more.. The love line is so random and unnecessary. Aside from the male lead’s visual, everything is perfect
7. Seo Hyunjin is too good at acting
8. I thought that Seo Hyunjin could only be that good even though everyone is obsessed with her but… I totally get it now. Her acting is so stable. She’s cool
9. Please get rid of the love line a bit. F*ck, what’s with that random kiss?
10. Let’s remove the love line ㅠㅠ seriously, the viewership would be even higher without it…
To be honest, it would’ve been daebak if they just focus on Seo Hyunjin as a lawyer
But why… just why would they force a love line with the male lead?
Also, to be honest, she has 0 chemistry with the male lead. Their age gap is really so severe that I can’t immerse myself in it… Seo Hyunjin’s acting is legendary but it’s a shame that they can’t let go of that romance
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1. [+730, -31]
For real, the male and female lead’s dutch-face isn’t it (T/n: they are not equal in terms of visuals)
2. [+646, -10]
The drama should’ve done just like the title and focus only on Oh Soojae (T/N: the Korean title is ‘Why Oh Soojae’)
3. [+536, -30]
Also, the male lead’s acting is f*cking bad. Seriously, it would be more fun and easier to focus if Seo Hyunjin was acting with another actor but this male lead is just the worst…
4. [+367, -1]
When Oh Soojae is working, she’s a power ssen-character full of vigor but when she’s next to the male lead, she suddenly becomes a shy and pure girl. The story doesn’t even support this change and what’s even more impressive is that the male lead doesn’t even say or do anything heart-fluttering. Stop with the romance
5. [+293, -4]
The male lead… if they weren’t able to cast a top actor, even if he can’t act, at least cast someone handsome…..