I feel like I just saw that post trending about Joy getting lead roles all the time not long ago

But “Why Her?” lead playing Seo Hyunjin’s counter part is f*cking bad at acting
and even his face is…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThere’s nothing he’s doing right
I searched him up and he’s from SM too. I really hope they stop pushing people like that in lead roles just because of their backing please..
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1. [+660, -10]
Seo Hyunjin seriously… She’s stuck with this kind of male lead while she’s hard carrying alone and raising the viewership to 13%… If you want to be an actor, you should at least be Seo Hyunjin level
2. [+567 -14]
Imagine bringing in a nobody who can’t even match Seo Hyunjin’s levelㅋ.. It’s seriously hopeless
3. [+484, -12]
If SBS has any shame, they should give Seo Hyunjin the daesang
4. [+258, -2]
Objectively speaking, the male lead doesn’t have the visuals to be a male lead. They either have to fit the character they play perfectly or have f*cking amazing acting or able to build good chemistry with others. But Why Her’s male lead isn’t excelling in any of these so there are even more people who find him hit or miss
5. [+235, -2]
And I was wondering why Hwang Inyeob always got those leads and second lead roles, turns out he’s from SM tooㅋㅋㅋ He’s charmless.. And his acting sucks.. He’s only web drama material
6. [+187, -2]
I can’t immerse myself in the drama because of his looks

7. [+131, -2]
Media buzz: Seo Hyunjin / Acting skills: Seo Hyunjin / Visuals: Seo Hyunjin.. This drama is all about Seo Hyunjin, if not for her, they’d never have this kind of ratings

8. [+121, -5]

I wonder how SM are teaching acting over there? Why are they stuck with so many actors who act with their foot? Lee Yeonhee is supposed to be an actress and she still sucks at it