Today, the whole market is crazy

But Hybe got the craziest shift
HYBE – 202,000won (-21,500won = -9.62%)
YG = -4.2%
JYP = -4.1%
SM = -2.8%
Naver = -4.2%
Kakao = -4.0%
They’ve dropped 2x the amount of other entertainment companies
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1. It just shows that their bubble popped and they’re readjusting to what they’re actually worth
2. Yet, it’s still being overvalued…
3. You should never buy stocks from entertainment companies…
4. Right now, they dropped to the 199,xxx which is a 10.96% drop
5. It’s still way too expensive though?
6. They need to drop even more, it’s still being overvalued
7. Each of BTS member sold their stocks when they were 400,000won, looks like it was the peak
8. This is still expensive, they should be at most in the 50,000won
9. Even for someone like me who don’t know anything about stocks, I can tell that they were just in a bubble
10. We are swearing at Hybe, so why are people trying to defend them?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are you guys fangirling on a company?