[enter-talk/theqoo] BLACKPINK JISOO’S INSTA

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1. [+35, -6]
I feel like she’s someone that you can’t look at properly in real life
2. [+30, -7]
There are a lot of pretty people nowadays but it’s rare to find someone with such aura… She’s seriously f*cking pretty
3. [+29, -3]
4. [+17, -3]
Where did the innocent boss from before go? The sexy queen is here ㄷㄷ
5. [+17, -1]
Her looks were crazy this time… she’s the one top in my standards
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1. Pretty… She’s pretty no matter from which angle the picture is taken
2. Her hair style is seriously mercilessㅋㅋㅋ but even with that hair, she’s freaking pretty
3. Personally, I like this more than Dior…. I f*cking like Jisoo in this cold and chic styling
4. Seems like she lost a lot of weight. She’s even skinnier now
5. How can she suit this kind of hair? Seriously, isn’t Jisoo such a fraud? Dior’s styling is f*cking lovely but Cartier’s styling is chic and has that city vibe
6. Her face….. daebak
7. Seriously too pretty
8. Freaking pretty
9. She pulled it off because of how pretty she is
10. She’s severely pretty