The tattoos source is from the tattooist’s Insta

original post: here

1. The cover ups look much better. My bias also started getting tattoos but I hope they stop now…
2. The tiger was cute but it’s gone ㅜ
3. Seems like he went to someone who was good at drawing. They look way prettier than before
4. The quality looks different with the colors. The cover ups look better
5. Seriously, they look way better now. You can see the difference in details with the old ones and they look much cleaner
6. Gaaah they must’ve been so painful ㅠㅠ but the quality looks way better on the cover ups. Especially the one with the mask
7. The eye tattoo being covered up is wa~~~~~~y better
8. Wow crazy ㅋㅋ these are awesomeㅋㅋㅋ the tattooist’s skills are crazy. He wants to get tattoos so to the commentors making a fuss about this, screw offㅋㅋㅋ
9. The eye tattoo ruined everything. He did well covering it up
10. No but… the cover ups are interesting… I bet that you need to go to a talented tattooist to make these look better? I’m curious about his full body shotㅠ
11. Oh the cover ups look way better than the old ones. They used the colors well
12. I wonder what the full tattoo looks like now!!
13. The quality is awesome
14. You can definitely see how comparable the before-after are putting them side by side like that. The tattoos look much prettier now