MBC’s representative holiday program ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘IAC’) is back.
As a result of the My Daily coverage on the 17th, the ‘IAC’, which had been suspended for a while in the aftermath of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19), will be back again. The production team started preparing for the Chuseok special.
‘IAC’ is a special program in which the most popular idol singers of the time compete in sports events, sweating and deciding whether to win by a fair party.
During the ‘2020 Chuseok Special’, all indoor games at the gym were canceled and the ‘Idol Esports Championship’ and ‘Idol Star Dog-agility Championships’ were held outdoors without spectators.
Last year’s ‘2021 Lunar New Year Special’ released the ‘Idol Athletics Championships: Hall of Fame’ that summarized famous scenes, and ‘2021 Chuseok Special’ and ‘2022 Lunar New Year Special’ passed quietly.
It is the first time in three years since the previous Chuseok special was held normally, and in the meantime, as many idol singers have debuted and been active, it is expected that there will be a big change in the lineup.
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1. Ah f*ck, don’t do this
2. IAC has been broadcasted every year and every time, it’s just so boring. Nobody in my family watches itㅋㅋㅋ
3. It was a variety show that was better off not being broadcasted though
4. Ah f*ck, this seriously sucksㅠㅠㅠㅠ Because of this, my bias got hurt and had to sit out from their promotions f*ck
5. Don’t do it…!!!!!!!!!!
6. Our kids’ seniority is ambiguous so I wonder if they’ll be called ㅜㅜ…
7. Just why…
8. Just stick to the Idol Star Dog-agility Championships….
9. Ah…. don’t…
10. It was a relief that my bias are on a hiatus so they won’t go… they are discharging next year so I hope the show is scrapped by then