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As previously reported by the media, the HYBE had no intention of replacing Kim Garam nor making Le Sserafim into a 5-members group.
Kim Garam, who was being demanded to leave, has been on hiatus from Le Sserafim’s activities for about a month so far, but looking at her recent status, she is not only active, but is still doing well at the company and signing autographs for fans.
Specifically, a fan uploaded a photo of Le Sserafim’s album signed by six members on Weverse, a fan community.

She seems to be working at a company to practice. Seeing how nothing has changed, it seems like there were witnesses of Kim Garam going to the company while being on a hiatus
This is another fan’s Twitter account
They also released an autographed album they received from Kim Garam
Seeing how she comes to the company, practicing and signing autographs for fans without hesitation, it seems that HYBE and Kim Garam only have her return in mind.
Come to think of it, the fact that Kim Garam appeared in the Non-no pictorial was not because it was a pictorial taken before the break, but it seems to be a stepping stone for her return.
Victims are shedding tears of blood while HYBE and Kim Ga-ram say that all the previous reports were manipulations and false facts.
It seems like she was just singing “lululala” while going on vacation. It’s possible that she returns before Le Sserafim’s next comeback but we will for sure see her in their next comeback. Thinking that we’ll get to see her face on music broadcast again is scary
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1. [+583, -6]
No but she has no thoughts of leaving by herself at all…? Does she not think of anything seeing how their song is climbing up the charts as OT5 and how they have more views on their stages? Is she not sorry towards the other members? If I were her, I would’ve left by myself. I wouldn’t even go to the company and just be off the grid;;
2. [+534, -7]
HYBE is f*cking obstinate with her
3. [+457, -5]
Is there even anyone who misses Garam?ㅋㅋ
4. [+275, -45]
To be honest, she f*cked over Le Sserafim all by herself ㅋㅋ
5. [+184, -28]
Yup, boycotting Le Sserafimㅋㅋ
6. [+129, -1]
It’s not like her visuals stood out from the group nor that she was talented so why would they keep a kid who has a scandalous past…?