(T/N: OP uses the word “그사세” in the title which is an acronym for ‘그들이 사는 세상’ = a world where other people lives in. It means something niche/(others) living in their own world. The title means that K-pop is becoming more of their own world and becoming more niche.)

Back then, at the Dream Concerts, even before it gets dark, I knew all the groups who were performing and I knew all their songs too (T/N: the more rookie and less “known” idols perform first (before the sun sets) while more popular acts perform later at night). But after watching today’s concert, the lineup of male and female idols from mid-sized companies….

CIX, AB6IX, Golden Child, Pentagon, VICTON…. I don’t know any of their songs. Meanwhile, Shine? This song is 4 years old so hmmm… ㅜ Seriously the general public doesn’t even know their names nor their song. So I feel like K-pop is becoming its own world and it’s even more severe now.

As for female idols, I at least knew one song from every group…. Seeing it like this maybe it’s the male idols’ world that’s becoming their own…ㅇㅇ
(T/N: for those who are curious here was the lineup at the 2022 DC:
NCT DREAM, IVE, Red Velvet, NMIXX, Oh My Girl, Dreamcatcher, STAYC, VICTON, Kep1er, CIX, Golden Child, Weeekly, LABOUM, PENTAGON, AB6IX, CRAVITY, WEi, DRIPPIN, ALICE (formerly known as ELRIS), CLASS:y, TAN, LIGHTSUM, YOUNITE, EPEX, KINGDOM, TRENDZ, and Lee Mujin.)
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Every time I read posts like these, I can feel it. Back then, people keep saying that male idols lived in their own world and the comments would be saying “if you’re interested in male idols’ songs, can’t you just look them up for yourself?” If you’re feeling bad for not knowing any song in a concert, then you can just look them up before going there. I don’t understand you
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It’s because most of the HYBE male idols and ZZZ were not there (T/N: ZZZ = The Boyz, Stray Kids, ATEEZ)
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Female idols’ songs are getting better and better but male idols songs get worse. If you look at the trend among male idols nowadays, they completely gave up on the general public and are all-in for growing their fandom. They are making songs full of weird worldviews and lyrics that only fans can understand, so it’s hard for the general public to get into them and they just end up not listening to them. People just tune in to any song to listen to it casually but who would look for songs about so-and-so’s worldview or concept?
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You think that the fans of other groups would know any of the ZZZ songs????????????
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Ah why? Pentagon’s Feelin’ Like is freaking good though? You don’t know it?
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The fanchants during Shine was solid yesterday though