“The idols who lost their stage with the pandemic,

The idols who disbanded because of their issues with the agencies,
The idols who are still promoting but would need a hand,
The rookie idols who need a promotion booster,
And even the idols who want to showcase their skills to the world,
This is an audition for all idols.
From promoting, to disbanded, to just debuted male idols.
Everyone can participate. “
“Peak Time”

“Participants recruitment”

Our Peak Time to show the world. Apply now!
(t/n: rest of the post is about how to fill the application form, we’ll translate the interesting part)
Group name / Agency
You’re confident about (vocal/rap/dance) / Participants contanct
Official SNS / Representative promotion video
Participating members / Not participating members
Reason of application
Group intro in one line: We are _________ idols.
Group’s whereabouts
Group (strength, weakness)
Anecdote about applying to become participant
Wannabe idol group and the reason
Songs and genres you’re confident about
Idols you consider rival right now (reason)
The hardest time you had
The final target for participating
Give us a word about your determination
It’s from the same producer as Sing Again
original post: here
1. It actually looks good..?
2. Ooh the producer for Sing Again didn’t resort to evil editing, so this is worth watching. I’m totally looking forward to it. I hope that idols who didn’t have the opportunities to promote will gain new opportunities
3. Asking their rivals? This question is such a set up
4. If we’re talking about shining light on groups from the past, there’s a chance that it’s just going to be lukewarm and broing too
5. It kinda feels like a more chaotic version of Kingdom
6. I can think of a few idols who debuted during the pandemic, I really hope they appear on the show
7. I really hope idols who disbanded appear on this. This is an opportunity for both fans and idols
8. Can they at least restrict this for idols with 50K-100K first week sales? I feel like it’s risky if thye don’t set boundaries
9. It just sounds like Kingdom
10. It’s just Produce but with teams