[enter-talk/theqoo] REAL TIME PICTURES OF SUZY

Her face is seriously crazy..
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1. [+113, -21]
Seriously too pretty
2. [+79, -11]
Those are journalist pictures but if she came out looking like that, just how much crazier does she look in real life…?
3. [+73, -18]
I’m curious about Suzy and Jung Eunchae’s chemistry. They kinda seem incompatible so I’m curious
4. [+62, -12]
Freaking pretty
5. [+59, -125]
She’s slowly starting to look weirder… She was pretty before thoughㅠ
6. [+43, -4]
Suzy has that unique aura… her aura changes every year as she ages
7. [+40, -37]
She has the triple crowns when it comes to face, body and height… I seriously can’t think of anyone else than Suzy after Tae-Hye-Ji……

The brand is called Avouavou

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1. She kinda looks like Anna
2. Am I not good at understanding skin tone? Suzy is honestly gorgeous but I’m not sure if she suits that color
3. She’s seriously elegant
4. The model looks the best;;; Suzy is freaking pretty but that model is peak professionalism
5. She suits the dress so wellㅠ
6. Suzy looks like someone straight out of a movie
7. She looks like someone from Harry Potter
8. She’s not human..
9. My mouth hurts from saying “pretty” so many times but I will keep on saying it. Suzy is freaking pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
10. She looks so elegant because she’s tall