First ad: Volume up on the cute bread loaf butt
We will make the cute puppy you’ve dreamed of come to life!
Second ad: Handsome! Reborn with that perfect A-line ears!
We will make the handsome puppy you’ve dreamed of come to life!
These are such bizarre puppy surgery adsㄷㄷㄷ
But when you shoot the QR code…
“Please love your dog the way they’re born. “
Those are actually public advertisements to let people know about puppy surgeries
I’m shocked to know that the image of puppies we’re used to see was actually done through surgery…
– I always thought they were born with those ears standing up but to think it was done through people’s actions…Thank you for your insightful video today too
– Hul I never knew… If people think about raising Dobermans in the future, I hope they learn about thisㅠㅠ
“If you look at Youtube alone, there are a lot of people who adopt these without learning on Youtube, I hope that people will take this opportunity to learn the real appearance of puppies in this video and slowly change..”
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1. I think I know their intentions, but I don’t know how many people will actually take a picture of these ads. I feel like a lot of people will see this at Apgujeong and think that this world has a lot of crazy bast*rds and that we even have dog surgeries now
2. I bet foreigners who will look at the ads will misunderstand, is this really a good idea..?
3. But how many people will actually shoot these QR codes? You can tell that this is a failed ad
4. There will be barely anyone who will shoot the QR code, even though it’s a good idea, this is a failed ad..
5. The idea is good, but I think I’d just walk by thinking ‘hul they must be insane’ … I don’t have intention to have my dog perform surgery so I’m not going to shoot the QR code
6. Huh? I actually think this idea is effective. This ad isn’t for letting commoners know about the dangers of cutting a dog’s tail. It’s actually for the people who are planning to get surgery for their dogs and who will actually shoot the QR code. I bet the people who are actually planning to get the surgery for the dog will be enticed by the ad and the fact that this is even controversial means that the ad was successfulㅋㅋㅋ
7. Ah I hate this but this is a good way to pass an uncomfortable information. But it makes me wonder how many people will actually take the QR code???
8. Nice idea..But the execution is..
9. This will just reinforce the idea to foreigners that we’re the country of plastic surgery
10. I think it’s a good idea to prove foreigners wrong if they think that we all want to perform surgery on our dogs