Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans for sending lots of love to SF9, and we would like to inform you about Rowoon’s activities related to the upcoming album.

Rowoon faced an inevitable situation in which he had to work on a tight schedule due to the combination of drama filming schedules during the long-running album production period. As he finished the drama as scheduled, we had a deep discussion about preparing for the next album and decided that it was right to show a better performance with a better level of completion, so with much difficulty, it was inevitably decided that he would not participate in the album production and activities.

We ask for your understanding about Rowoon unfortunately not being able to participate in this album, which many fans have been looking forward to, and we ask for your generous support and interest in SF9’s comeback and other various activities.

Thank you.

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1. But this is his main job…Aigo
2. I know that he’s doing better as an actor, but I feel like he prefers being an idol
3. Since his career is sailing well as an actor, and I can understand that if he wants to secure his spot as an actor in the future, this is the time to seize his opportunity
4. Looks like he’s getting rid of his main job and moving towards acting…
5. People like him who doesn’t focus on his own job but insists on doing acting will do it in vain and just get sworn at whether it’s in acting or as an idol..
6. No matter how you see it, your main job should come first..
7. I seems like he’s been doing this for a while now
8. The company is too much, they should know better and moderate this a bit
9. As expected from FNC
10. The fans must be upset
11. But if you’re a fan, you can’t help but be sad. If you’re not a fan, you shouldn’t be meddling with others’ businesses
12. Imagine being so busy you don’t even have time to record… Fighting
13. The company and the members probably all agreed to this, why are people who aren’t their fans complaining here?
14. He should focus on his main job..
15. The fans must be freaking losing it