This was during their Ddudu-Ddudu press conference and they already looked like a group 7 years into their career. Maybe it’s because they trained for such a long time but this picture was taken even earlier than their 2 years anniversary.

This was during their trainee days and they were just freaking awesome
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DDDD happened in their 2 years anniversary so of course they didn’t look like rookies anymore. Before that, you should’ve taken an older one. But they seriously have that veterans-with-a-lot-of-seniority aura
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Their Whistle era when they debuted was the real deal… they had that unique aura that only BP had back then… I still can’t forget the sense of novelty I felt when I watched the MV
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BP debuted in August of 2016 and DDDD was released in June of 2018 so it was before their 2 years anniversary… Their faces were already complete and their skills were improving. Their voice colors in Stay and Lovesick Girls were all different
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They were indeed all already legendary when they were revealed. Look at this. The forces the 4 of them had were all no joke

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Ever since then, their celebrity-force were solid
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They were f*cking cool… this was during As If It’s Your Last and 1 year after their debut..
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But DDDD wasn’t during their rookie days no? Wasn’t it here? They were indeed pretty here too