Why do I feel like only women have to be skinny, be on a diet, manage what they eat and work out? Just in our school alone, aside from a very small portion of them, all of the girls are skinny, good at doing makeup and are pretty. But as for the guysㅋㅋ ha… I have a lot to say but won’t say it; These are the kids who judge girls’ faces and bodies and who would make s*xual remarks in their backs and I don’t get it. They are freaking disgusting. They should manage themselves first before nitpicking girls. It’s f*cked up

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But there are also a lot of fellow girls who nitpick other girls…ㅜ
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What a load of BS. If you go to the gym, 97% of the people there are men. Men have way more stricter standards on their bodies. For girls, you just need to be skinny. But for men, they need to have abs and large shoulders to hear that their bodies are “good”
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Just why do girls need to manage themselves so much on a nano-scale… From the trapezial muscle (T/N: muscle connecting your neck to your shoulders. The recent trend is the decrease that muscle as much as possible to have straight shoulders), to having wide hips, a neck line, no armpits hair, a waist line, shape of your breasts, skin on your back.. ha… I’m so jealous of people who are born with them all
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For realㅋㅋ I f*cking hate those ugly kids who judge girls’ bodies
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But most of handsome men are skinny too. Even though it might not be on purpose