(Drugs prevention advertisement basically showing the student making “friends” with another person (who derails her life), which turns out to be her drugs addiction)
“It hurts the gums. Decreased appetite. Throwing up. Chills. The feeling of crawling insects right under your skin. Constipation, unable to go to the bathroom for more than 10 days. Seizure. Cardiac arrest 4 times… .”
In 2019, 19-year-old rapper Satsuki (real name Kim Eun-ji) became addicted to fentanyl, an opioid-type opioid analgesic, and was in great pain until July of last year.

(On June 23, 2022, rapper Satsuki (real name Kim Eun-ji) is interviewed by the JoongAng Ilbo at the Addiction Rehabilitation Center of the Korea Anti-Drug Movement Headquarters in Seoul.)

Fentanyl addiction as a teenager… Rapper Satsuki Interview
Fentanyl is one of the most popular narcotics among teenagers. Fentanyl is sold as a drug that can be purchased with a doctor’s prescription in various forms such as patches as well as injections. The psychotropic drug phentermine (amphetamine), along with the appetite suppressant dietamine, is also pointed out as the main cause of the number of drugged up teen offenders arrested last year, a record high of 450.
Satsuki said in an interview with JoongAng Ilbo on the 23rd “The withdrawal symptoms of fentanyl is, if put in one word, a ‘zombie’ who can’t eat or sleep. I feel fine for a while, but soon and surely, an ache like hell arrives. Fentanyl is Satan, the devil.”
The pain caused by fentanyl poisoning isn’t the only secondary effect. Satsuki threw a fit of anger at her mom, who she is usually close and friendly and swore at her yelling “Where is my drugs?”. It is reported that she pulled a knife while fighting and arguing with her rapper boyfriend while doing drugs with him. In fact, there were about 20 scars left on Satsuki’s left arm that look like she was cut by a knife. During the interview, she confessed, “I once tried to make an extreme choice to get out of pain.”
2019 is a time when fentanyl quickly became popular among hip-hop rappers in Seoul. Satsuki said, “The more famous the rappers were, the harder it is to find someone who doesn’t use fentanyl. At that time, drugs were recognized as a culture among rappers.”
“Rappers who do fentanyl, most die or go to jail… Nine people died around me alone.”
Satsuki said, “If you keep taking fentanyl, it’s a drug that will kill you within two years.” She also revealed that 9 of her acquaintances died form it. Satsuki said, “I’m a first-generation rapper who did fentanyl and I’m the only one who survived and stayed in this society. The others all died or went to jail.”
“There was a time when my rapper friend was doing fentanyl and his face turned yellow and his lips turned blue and he collapsed. I called 911 and luckily, he woke up again. That day, I said, ‘Don’t do fentanyl today,’ but my friend didn’t listen to me, so he ended up taking fentanyl right away and died.
Satsuki’s acquaintances were also said to be involved in the murder of a friend in an officetel in Mapo-gu, Seoul right after taking fentanyl in July 2020 and leaving the body in Incheon. Satsuki said, “The perpetrator and the victim are both my acquaintances, and they even came to my concert.”
Satsuki despises Rapper A for having first recommended fentanyl to her. Rapper A told her “It’s not a drug, it’s a legal pain reliever, I gave it to her to relieve her of her menstrual pains and mental pains” while encouraging her to take it. Satsuki took a sip of fentanyl smoke following Rapper A’s comment, and the answer returned was “Farewell.”
“Explosion of 1020 drugs offenders”

counts: people, numbers in () are %

Colors chart top down:
– Unknown age
– Above 60s
– 50s
– 40s
– 30s
– 20s
– Under 19
2011: 9,174 cases
– Unknown age: 2.4%
– Above 60s: 7.6%
– 50s: 16.6%
– 40s: 37%
– 30s: 27.8%
– 20s: 8.2%
– Under 19: 0.4%
2016: 14,214 cases
– Unknown age: 1.3%
– Above 60s: 9.7%
– 50s: 18.7%
– 40s: 31.6%
– 30s: 24.8%
– 20s: 13%
– Under 19: 0.9%
2021: 16,153 cases
– Unknown age: 2%
– Above 60s: 9.6%
– 50s: 12.35%
– 40s: 16.5%
– 30s: 25.4%
– 20s: 31.4%
– Under 19: 2.8%
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1. Rapper A is the devil
2. What’s wrong with Rapper A?
And drugs should be taken seriously, it makes the whole society sick. Claiming that drugs only damages the person taking it is so problematic. If you look at the way drugs is being distributed and the means people take to get it, you realize that this isn’t a crime that can be done ‘alone’
3. US is dealing with severe problems because of that drug in their society
4. The way she replied “Farewell” was meant in what way? Because she was going to die?
5. Who is Rapper A? He’s basically a murderer
6. There’s nothing but scary stories surrounding fentanyl… You can become an addict in only one take, it’s too creepy
7. Hul people like Rapper A who are drug addicts are the most evil of all. They should just die off alone if they want to take drugs, why would you involved others in your drugs? He’s the devil
8. Druggies should just do it alone, why drag others in?
> Me too I’m curious about this, is it because they don’t want to be the only one f*cked over?
> Maybe to earn money? Once you become addicted, you create another sales channel
9. Look at the way the 20s proportion is growing….Goosebumps….
10. Isn’t drugs quite a severe problem with the rappers community? I saw another rapper expose this issue in the past and talk about how they kept pulling in young people
11. Farewell crazy f*cker… Goosebumps
12. Oho looks like the druggies party is about to start in Korea too
13. Wow… But seriously you cannot tell people who did drugs to stop directly, they’ll end up finding more persuasive ways to pull you in. Seriously I’ve seen people around them really get completely f*cked over… It’s freaking scary
14. Seriously we’re turning into a real drug country and it’s becoming a reality…
t/n: A bit of googling and it seems like Satsuki has dated Keith Ape in the past, and they’ve been in some cheating scandals and dating assault scandals. He’s also rumored to have been in “fentanyl drugs rumors” among the hip hop/rappers community. They dated in 2019, which is also the year mentioned above when Satsuki ‘fell into fentanyl addiction’. Satsuki later dated another rapper called Youngblood X who revealed after dating her that all the time they were dating, she was doing drugs and sleeping with another man.