GOT7’s Youngjae has been dating for 1 year… The other party is a singer 4 years older
Youngjae ♥ LOVEY, now dating… “even went to Fan-Con”
GOT7 Youngjae is dating singer Lovey.
As a result of coverage of ‘Wiki Tree’ on the 27th, GOT7 Youngjae (Choi Youngjae, 25) has been developing love with singer LOVEY (Kim Hyesu, 29) for a year already.
It was confirmed that Youngjae invited LOVEY to the ‘GOT7 Homecoming 2022 Fan-Con’, which was held from May 21 to 22. LOVEY attended on the 22nd. This Fan-Con was the place where ‘GOT7’ met fans for the first time as a whole after about a year and five months after the contract with JYP Entertainment ended.
Not only this, Youngjae also worked with his girlfriend LOVEY on the song ‘Drive Me to the Moon’ from the mini album GOT7 released in May. Youngjae and LOVEY stood side by side in writing the lyrics. LOVEY also posted the album cover on her SNS account and left a message of support.
Conversely, Youngjae also participated in LOVEY’s song. Youngjae participated in writing, composing, and featuring the song ‘Hurry’, which was released in December last year. The lyrics contain whispers of love, such as ‘Why do you make my heart flutter’, ‘I have to tell you the love I developed all night’, and ‘I have to color your universe’.
Youngjae debuted in 2014 as a member of the boy group GOT7 under JYP Entertainment. On the 21st, he released his second solo mini album ‘SUGAR’.
LOVEY debuted in 2013 with the single album ‘Give It Back’ and is known as the younger sister of the famous composer ‘Brother Soo’. Recently, she became famous as a singer who wrote a letter to Samgwangmun-gu, Huam-dong, on ‘You Quiz’.
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1. I also thought that Youngjae and LOVEY were datingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But the companies refuting it fast is good
2. LOVEY is a 93’er so she’s 30.
Youngjae is a 96’er so he’s 27.
But the article made them look like they met at a younger age.
But Youngjae’s company already released their statement saying they’re just colleagues
3. Be happy
“Hello this is Sublime.
We are here to share the statement regarding Youngjae’s dating rumors.
First of all, we want to say that Youngjae’s dating rumors are not true.
The 2 people are colleagues musically, they’ve both participated in each other’s albums and support each other’s promotions.
We will do our best to show the fans better contents in the future. Thank you.”
💚💚💚It’s not true💚💚💚

5. Younjae released a song? I just learned it now

6. I can’t believe that I’m seeing LOVEY hereㅋㅋㅋㅋ If it was true, of course, I’d congratulate them, but it’s just a rumor so there’s no need for words like that
7. He invited her to the Fan-Con…..?
8. It’s so obvious that they’re releasing this article ahead of of his solo debut
9. But why must he invite her to the Fan-Con?
10. Whether she’s just a crush or your real girlfriend, you shouldn’t invite her to the Fan-Con