“There was a fansite in front me me and they were seriously jjang. They were caught filming and got their camera removed, but they took another camera out of their bad… They got caught and got it removed and they appeared again with yet another camera…
Then get it removed, and appear yet again with another camera…
After that, their entire bag got seized and the person next to them (must’ve been a friend) takes out a [camera] from their bag…
Wow not anyone can be a fansite..”
“They’re not even holding their cameras to their eyes and they’re hiding it under a blanket, how can they spot their bias and shoot pictures? I’m curious too…”
“Camera Russian doll”
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1. If we tell you to not do it, you shouldn’t be doing it
2. I’ve had fansites next to me in concerts… And I couldn’t even look at the concert on that dayㅋㅋ It was truly annoying
3. Having a fansite next to you is f*cking distracting, when they’re in front of you, you can’t see anything and when they’re behind you, you get hit a few times f*ck… What crime did I commit that out of 7 times I’ve been to concerts, I’ve had fansites next to me 3 times
4. Why can’t concerts have a dedicated spot for fansites instead? Like that they can’t interrupt the concerts. You can’t deny that fansites have the power to attract so many fans and it’s just facts… I bet even companies are roaming around Twitter accounts and giving out tickets to their fansites. Is it that hard? Plus, if the company grant the property rights to the fansites, they can also earn a % of the sales? Instead of trying to bring them down, if they can use fansites as a marketing strategy, it’s way better for companies… If I ran a company, I’d be doing this
5. I’m not a fansite, but seeing everyone using their phones at concerts is such a turn offㅠㅠ People don’t even cheer anymore, they’re just around holding their phones..
6. Fansites are better than phone camera villainsㅋㅋ
7. Can they start banning those phone camera bugs too?
8. They sure are rich;;;
9. I’m indeed grateful that they’re able to give us pretty pictures, but I hate the fact that they’re creating disturbance with their camera
10. Do they even watch the concert?