Journalist 1: That woman is seriously weird. I think that she’ll get into an accident.
Journalist 2: Are they gonna rush it?
Journalist 1: Don’t you think so? I think that she’ll get into an accident
That was the situation and at first, V was supposed to walk a bit further when he arrived to the airport.
1. They moved the car super close for him to get in
2. The security guard kept going back and forth + before that, even the police was mobilized
3. Also, when V came out, he quickly went into the car
4. First of all, he got into the car and was waving from inside the car, he wrote a post apologizing for getting in the car quickly
5. After these events, the articles were out and people coordinated so that posts about him were everywhere on Pann and other communities + the top comments were manipulated.
The people on site being sad: Normal
But the fans on site should’ve been the ones hating on him but instead, they said that they just accepted the situation and gave it a pass.
The people not on site being sad: ?
The kids who are not even fans but who cosplay as fans by taking the proofs from fans on fan-talk and Twitter to hate on him: ?
The kids who don’t care about him but who suddenly started hating on him: ?
The kids who are wishing him death: ?

(T/N: paraphrased

– Most of the fans were waiting behind the journalists in order
– Some foreign fans left the crowd and went back and forth and could’ve went into cars
– So the security came and told them not to stand there but they didn’t listen
– There were a group a foreigners who kept standing in the place where the security guard told them not to stand at
– They were knocking on the car’s windows when Lisa took the car and created a dangerous situation
– OP has never seen a crowd that listened so little to the rules
– The car that Taehyung was supposed to get into was originally parked a little farther but came closer. It seemed like the situation was communicated to the driver.
– They felt like if Taehyung walked longer to his car, the foreign fans would just rush to him because they couldn’t be controlled at all.)

What is the most problematic right now is that the kids are plastering hate posts about him in the featured talks and leaving comments like these. They are proudly bragging about how they would ruin Bangtan’ public opinion and make them die, and they coordinated everything in their group chats and manipulated the best replies
” Title: Someone needs too die so that the entertainment can quiet down
– Telling him to d*e is right though?
– First of all, just try to k*ll him. I’ll make everything quiet for a moment. Starting from him, please”
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1. [+344, -24]
It was a forced hate
2. [+340, -22]
Anyways, the kids who want to hate on him wouldn’t even watch that video. They don’t want to hate on V’s attitude but their goal is to cancel him
3. [+298, -18]
Shouldn’t this post be in the featured talks?
4. [+81, -1]
No but I don’t even understand why people would hate him to death in the featured talks just for this…
5. [+73, 0]
I saw this in real time and Lisa and V’s cars got moved. We could hear them fighting.. At first, Lisa’s car was in front and V’s car was at the back but they changed spots.
But he didn’t do it this time only no??
But are you guys hating on him for not greeting people? Or for spitting on the ground while walking? Just why are you guys hating on him?
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1. [+83, -29[
There’s a saying that goes ‘even if you do good 10 times, you’ll get cursed at for doing bad once’, I wonder if this situation should even bring him this much criticism and hate?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The kids who are writing hate comments about him while crying about his personality are f*cking unbelievableㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+67, -49]
He greeted people just fine a few days ago on his way out but because he was tired today, he went straight into his car once and people are making a fuss. What’s worse is that he lowered his window after going in the car and greeted people
3. [+49, -53]
He was greeting people well all this time and only didn’t do it today
4. [+36, -7]
But you’re supposed to always greet people; so you’re telling me that everyone here who is in a bad mood and a bad condition go to work without greeting anyone?ㅠ ridiculous
5. [+30, -6]
But greetings are the basicsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What’s more is that he’s a public figure so isn’t it an issue if he wants to greet people or not by his own standards?? Also, he knew that journalists and fans have been waiting for hours?? F*cking arrogant