ㅋㅋ this is freaking too much ㅠ
At this point, is the editor their anti?
Meanwhile, only Karina survived
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They have so many pretty cuts so just why would they use those ones?
2. [+160, -10]
They took those while they were just laughing no?
3. [+149, -20]
Everyone can tell that they are pretty just looking at their music show thumbnails
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? I seriously didn’t think anything about it. It’s not like people had to maintain their best appearance in broadcast either… I’m not trying to be overly serious but I just don’t understand why you would think like this?ㅋㅋㅋ It’s not like they were purposely making ugly faces and they don’t even look so bad to the point of attracting trolls. They don’t look their best but I just think that it was a cut from their daily lives
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I don’t think that Karina survived this either thoughㅋㅋㅋ..
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Do they must use pretty cuts? They used the cut of them laughing so we’ll click in wondering what was so funny no?
These were all taken on the same day
The order if these pictures is preview – journalist picture – HQ pictures
And this was the same day in their showcase
Phone camera – preview – fansite picture
Unedited screencap of their videos
After they debuted, Karina’s selling point was to look like an AI. Only the haters were going against the public’s opinion saying that she edits her picturesㅎㅎ
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You can tell that she has a perfect quail egg head even in music show videos, so I don’t understand why they keep insisting that she edits her pictures… f*ck, there’s that YT video that gathered all the comments saying that Karina looks like an ant queen that keeps popping up but in reality, she shot her legendary video on that day with her pigtails on broadcastㅋㅋㅋ I’m so fed up at how they keep bringing up her editing all the time
2. [+71, -18]
What’s ridiculous is that they only act like this towards Karinaㅎㅎ Also, when comments are calling her pretty, haters say that they’ve been brainwashed
3. [+55, -21]
+ blaming it on her viral marketing. Then according to their logic, the cheers for Karina in Hanyang Uni and Korea Uni were all viral marketing? Even her YT videos blew up
4. [+35, -7]
I just find Karina pitiful because of all the hate she’s been receiving. If you look at Aespa’s videos, you’ll see that Karina’s personality is seriously warm and soft… Especially before her debut, a friend wrote in her Ask account about their worries and she replied so caringly and gave them multiple advices. I found her so warm. I’m scared that she’ll feel hurt if she looks at Pann so it breaks my heart ㅠ Karina is also really sincere towards her fans
5. [+32, -4]
Her face aside, I wonder what’s wrong in the heads of the kids who bash her body