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WJSN’s songs are fine and they have members like Seola and Luda whose visuals are good, but they just can’t seem to hit big..
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1. [+153, -2]
Because their agency f*cking sucks. All their other groups are small sized, meanwhile they’re debuting a group with such a large number with not a single member with an established fanbase already. Seriously I wonder why they even debuted like that
2. [+150, -43]
Sistar got the right timing and Ive has Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin
3. [+124, -5]
They have no hit songs like “Alone” and they also don’t have the Produce buff
4. [+100, -2]
There are too many members who make me wonder “is it necessary?” and their songs all sound the same
5. [+71, -1]
Because of their big members number, there’s nobody who really stands out.. Rather, I feel more like the members who are actually charming are being downgraded..ㅜ
6. [+60, -1]
There are way too many people… And I don’t feel like everyone is needed
7. [+50, -2]
They have too many people. They should’ve kept it to Seola, Bona, Yeonjung, Luda and Exy
8. [+45, -1]
I feel like they put kids whom they knew won’t do well even after debut but still shoved them in. WJSN is the most severe case when it comes to this