Choi Yeonjun realized all his goals this year. From having over 1,000 MOA at their concert to becoming a brand ambassadorㅜㅠ

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Seriously, I’m so proud of our Jjunie ㅠ
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(Summary of Prive’s statement)
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Ah seriously f*cking cool
4. [+18, -1]
He’s seriously living a hard working life
5. [+17, 0]
It’s daebak how he’s going up stair by stair… It’s f*cking cool how he was able to realize the things he said last year in 7 months
6. [+14, 0]
Choi Yeonjun, you’re sinful…
7. [+13, 0]
Choi Yeonjun, just how much will you grow…..? Stop being so cool…