A few months ago, I (F17) got closer with a classmate (M17) of mine that changed schools. He didn’t know his way around, so I ended up showing him, since I am the class president. After that we talked a bit, but not a lot.
Then, a few weeks ago, on sports day I ended up in a sports team (I was sick, so they just put me in the only open group) with only guys and he ended up being there too. Since I didn’t know the other guys well, I ended up hanging out with him. We talked a bit more and actually got a bit closer I think, since we had a few common interests.
We got ice cream and he even offered to pay, which I declined, because I felt bad accepting it. Then when we were about to leave, he asked me if we could hang out (it’s actually “go out” in my native language, but its translated as both “hang out” and “go out”).
Honestly I was shocked and didn’t know what to say, since we didn’t know each other that well after all. I just muttered “yeah, maybe lets see” and left.
After that, weeks past and I didn’t hear anything from him. We also didn’t talk at all after that and it was a bit awkward, I even feel like he’s avoiding me. I’m a pretty shy person, so I didn’t know what to do and If I was supposed to do something. I was worried I would look easy if I asked him about it after that.
What should I do?