t/n: For context, there are 2 shows going on, one called ‘Others Dating’, dating show, covered yesterday with the parents sending complaints and another one called ‘Merry

Queer’, a reality show about people coming out/who came out

Jihae: I feel like you can change in the future

Top: transgender

Bottom: bisexual

The transgender (female –> male) is in a couple with a woman

Bosung: Hi, I like men

“I found out about my identity when I was 20 years old”
Bosung: And after around 1 year, we broke up
Gay couple


Garam: Ever since elementary school, I felt like I liked women
Garam: But where can we get a confirmation whether homosexuals can get married?
Garam: I don’t even know where to start
Lesbian couple

“We lived in this world who considered us ‘queers’ different”

“‘We, who are similar’, tell different stories”
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1. [+176, -143]
Kids, if you don’t want to watch it, you can just not do it.. Why would you go out of your way to hate on sexual minorities here?
2. [+127, -106]
Homosexuality is a mental disease
3. [+101, -52]
No but you guys can full around all you want, why would you need our approval? What’s right, you’re mentally disabled
4. [+55 ,-22]
It’s hilarious that they’re separating this in the category of ‘variety shows’ ㅋㅋ What are they going to do if young children start having weird values after watching this show?
5. [+38, -18]
Seriously I hate seeing sexual minorities, what are you going to do about it..? F*cking disgusting
6. [+36, -14]
Do they not know about how disgusting the reality behind queer festivals are? Ah so they just want us to view them as some romantic sad love
7. [+31, -9]
I don’t understand why lesbians always have one who looks like a man and another one like a woman

8. [+29, -14]

When bugs are crawling around in front of our eyes, how can I not swear at them? That’s LGBT. When they’re not making it obvious, nobody would see them so they can just go around quietly. Nobody would do anything to them if they did that
LGBT: Please let us love each other
Girl: We don’t care, just do you
LGBT: If you claim you’re not discriminating us, then you need to acknowledge us looking like that! *Love is stronger than hate!*
Girl: UGh my eyes!