BTS were busy preparing for their June comeback, and he was the lowest during the month of June. But ever since July 1st, he doubled and tripled other male and female idols follower increase and now became #1. Right now, Park Jimin is under suspicions of bulk buying followers

“Jimin’s IG [followers] increase from June~July”
“White house schedule + comeback + music shows promotion + 9th year Festa, yet his growth is at the bottom”
“His June average increase is between 20K~30K. And after July, he was earning 100~130K at once.
He’s not posting on IG
He’s not in individual promotion
He tripled the amount of increase VS other members who had solo debut, individual promotions, digital release”
“Weird Spotify ranking movement”
His followers keep decreasing on Spotify
– they usually filter out fake accounts
On top: Other 6 members comeback day graph
middle: Jimin’s Spotify incremental figure
bottom: other 6 members comeback day graph
The other 6 members’ Spotify figure between June 10th~11th had a spike
Meanwhile, Jimin’s spikes everyday
Top: 6 members Spotify [followers] between May~June
Bottom: Jimin’s Spotify [followers] between May~June
Jimin’s fandom has been trying to ‘not feed the troll’ meanwhile they’re unable to explain this
So are they basically acknowledging it?
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1. [+167, -116]
There are so many posts of him about this issue right nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ I feel bad for you. Nobody wants to listen to your claims, people only want to say nonsense. This is dumbfounding
2. [+159, -89]
This is really defamation. Let’s drop the PDFs everyone
3. [+146, -83]
Don’t feed the troll. There’s no proofs of this, what is this bullsh*t
4. [+104, -77]
V’s fans are the ones manipulating his followers. Their group chat has been exposed but looks like nobody is ready for it on PANN. The double standard is making me vomit
5. [+103, -25]
It’s indeed weird
6. [+100, -9]
But it’s true that Jimin’s average followers increase is between 20K-30K but ever since the first week of July, he had over 100K increase. There was even proofs of itㅋㅋ V attended the Paris Celine show and in one week, he became viral and increased 900K, meanwhile Jimin who has been inactive on IG, doesn’t have any individual promotion and isn’t creating any issue suddenly increase by 1M in the same amount of time. That’s why people have been saying that Jimin’s fans are paying for his followers
7. [+96, -48]
But at that time, J-hope and Jungkook’s followers kept increasing yet nobody said anything about sajaegi. The double standard