My personal preference is Sana but objectively looking, I think it’s Mina.
And if you look overall with the body, I think it’s Tzuyu.
They are seriously all pretty so it’s ambiguous
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Objectively, it’s gotta be Tzuyuㅠ Sana’s charms are f*cking awesome and the fact that she’s talented, that she’s slowly getting prettier and that she has so much charms make her look prettier but of course, she’s still freaking pretty. As for Tzuyu, she just stands there without saying anything and she doesn’t really have any outstanding talent but her face is what makes her stand out. Everyone who saw them in real life said that Tzuyu was objectively the prettiest… From my standards, Tzuyu is the one top in real life
2. [+75, -7]
I also find Sana the prettiest subjectively but objectively, it’s Mina… Sometimes, I even wonder why Mina’s visuals don’t get mentioned as much when I stumble upon her gifs. Tzuyu is pretty too
3. [+60, -3]
Sana’s overall aura is the best. Mina is more luxurious and Tzuyu’s face and body proportions are just ㄷㄷ
4. [+40, -2]
To be honest, it’s gotta be Tzuyu. If Tzuyu had Sana’s personality, she would’ve been way more famous
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When it comes to Twice, it all depends on your taste

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Isn’t Jihyo a dark horse though?? Her facial features are so distinct and I want to choose her as the visual member but Twice is all pretty so this is meaningless
7. [+26, -2]
The kids are all pretty in different ways so I can’t choose.. this is my favorite picture of Jeongyeon