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Why is it so?

My bias group’s individual fandoms are quite weak (t/n: individual fan =/= akgae)

His visuals are good and he has the most individual promotion so he has the best public recognition among the group, usually when the general public thinks of the group, they think of the member
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1. But you said that he has the most individual promotion and the best public recognition = the best kind of target for akgaes
2. I feel like OP just wrote down the reasons ㅋ If the member is the one who’s in charge of the inflow of fans, of course he’ll get the most akgaes
3. All things aside, the member who has the most akgaes = they’re either really good at building a rapport with akgaes or there’s something about them that akgaes can boast about
In the end, all humans want to show what they’re the most confident about
4. He might not be the most popular member within the team, but if he became the general public’s pick through a program he appeared on, the moment he starts hitting big, he’s set to attract akgaes
5. It’s because being the general public’s pick usually means that that member is often ostracized within the team. There are lots of popular members who get treated that way or the variety members too… If you look at the 2nd generation idols, the members who are starting to do well on variety shows will always receive comments like ‘is this person promoting alone?’ ‘can the company give them equal opportunity for individual promotions?’ ‘do they think other members don’t exist?’ in their articles. There are lots of articles like that… Of course, if people keep swearing at your bias like that, you’re bound to start hating the group…
6. It’s because my oppa who is doing well on his own will have general public’s recognition and results that departs from the other members and he’ll start getting sworn at. That’s why fans will turn into akgaes
7. Don’t they naturally have more akgaes if they have more individual fans?