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– Physical points
– Global social media points
– Global fans votes
– Mnet broadcast points
– total
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2. Jjang-spa you guys did well~~~ Nayeon congrats~~

3. Aespa is the first girl group to hit 1M sales in their first week sales, I thought they would win #1. Do they not have a lot of international fans or are they just not creating any buzz domestically…?
4. Nayeon and Aespa congrats, both have good points
5. Aespa did a Friday release so to be already nominated for #1 is amazing in itself
6. Of course it’s hard because it’s a Friday release… Anyways, Nayeon congrats on your #1💙
7. Nayeon congrats❤️🐰🍭
8. Both teams made a Friday releaseㅠㅠ Fighting to both!! Nayeon congrats on your #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s swipe all the other music shows now!
9. Aespa’s international fans vote is unexpectedly week. Even during MAMA, I thought that they blew up but I was shocked seeing that they were one of the last
10. Nayeon is even higher in terms of votes