Jennie and Rose will really have an unit together?

Maybe because Blackpink will be coming back in August?
If not, is that just like an usual side track?
If it was just a side track, I’ll be disappointed…
If they are releasing something separately, I won’t curse at YG
It would be awesome if it wasn’t a single but a mini album. Although it’s obvious that it will just be one digital song..
Even so, it’s still better to have no digital song at all
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1. [+35, -2]
What’s for sure is that if these two release something together, the Pann-girls will go crazy and hate posts will go the the featured talks every day
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He composed the OST for Top Gun and he even said that BP participated in the song a lot. Seeing how he said that he doesn’t know how many songs made it to the album, it’s not that BP doesn’t have any songs but that YG is too f*cking fussy
3. [+18, 0]
Ryan Tedder said that the two wrote the song and that he helped. Please, release the song soon. I’m looking forward to it ㅋㅋㅋ
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So that was the fangirl material we got from LA last year. Whether it’s an unit or a participation in the production of the song, I’m looking forward to it
5. [+7, -3]
I feel like Lisa-Jisoo’s fandom will bash this to death so I really hope that it’s an unit songㅋㅋ they are getting so much hate so if it ends up being a group song, it would be so unfair