Song Da Eun appeared in Heart Signal 1

1.  2022.06.29 They wore the same earrings on the same day

2. 2022.07.08 Jimin updated at dawn at 4:04 AM / On the same day, Song Da Eun updated her Insta at 4 AM too with a ‘4 min difference’ from Jimin’s post

3. 2022.06.14 Jimin & member were scene at a soccer game / On the same day, she went to watch the same game / That day was Song Da Eun’s birthday
4. Song Da Eun watching the movie ‘Allied’ that Jimin recommended
(What are the things you want to do in your free time(?)
– Plant flowers – peony
– Pant trees – rubber trees)
(Song Da Eun’s Insta: My lovely peony and season in Hanoi)
5. How did he decided on something that’s different from the other members -> it’s hard to think of peonies and rubber trees / The flower that Song Da Eun likes is peony, and the shop she operates has a lot of rubber trees
Name your pet: Kang-yangyi
IG question: puppy or kitty? –> Kang-yangyi
6. Park Jimin’s nickname is Kang-yangyi (t/n: puppy (kang-a-ji) + kitty (go-yangy-i)) and Song Da Eun also mentioned Kang Yangyi
7. Q: What do you eat to be this pretty
A: The love and the interest of unnies
On her IG story, she had to answer with a picture that emphasized the date, which is October 13th, Jimin’s birthday
8. Song Da Eun updated her IG story on the last day of BTS concert at Jamsil, stating that she’s also in a hotel’s restaurant in Jamsil
9. They overlap in Snoopy and also that both are relatives of Jo Seho
Among the members of BTS that Jo Seho follows, there’s only Jimin and he’s also following Song Da Eun
10. The 2nd relative they overlap is Lee Suji
Lee Suji has been ebst friends with Song Da Eun for a long time
And Lee Suji is also only following Jimin and Song Da Eun
11. Song Da Eun’s established company is called “5”. she updated her post with the purple hard and Park Jimin’s fixed number in the team is #5. BTS’ representative color is purple
12. Couple necklace
Army has been linking those 2 together in related search ever since last year
Jimin’s own fans are already aware of it
Aside from that, there are many more proofs
but looks like both don’t create enough buzz and the general public don’t care about them enough so it’s been buried down
Jan 1st couple prediction: JM and SDE
– Who??
– Jimin..?
– Jimin and Song Da Eun..?!
Song XX Jimin
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1. [+164, -66]
Don’t feed this, this is bullsh*t. Are commoners asking to be sued again?
2. Again again, the gallery b*tches are building up something ㅋㅋ
3. [+150, -52]
The comments seem to be coordinated
4. [+128, -24]
I’ll acknowledge the dating rumors if it had a two-shot proof like V and his girlfriend

5. [+119, -20]

So dumb, I’d believe it more if it was with Ha Sungwoon
6. [+108, -17]
He was with J-hope at the baseball field. And Jo Seho also follows Suga. And people were using the dates to claim that he’s dating Lovelyz last time, you guys are really trying to force anything and fabricate the posts. Hybe is in the middle of suing people. Let’s gather PDFs and leave this