“Dongyo who doesn’t even know the gravity of the matter, unqualified entertainment collapse”
The company is throwing out the ribbons in real time


How to mass send emails to Dongyo to request feedback on double scheduling Jaechan

Request to Dongyo to reveal everyone who will be participating in the ‘team live’ of July 19th, because Jaechan has another schedule

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1. I always knew that BL fandom was made up of nobody aside from those overreacting ajummas. But the majority of them are migratory birds, so they’re super good at switching fandoms too. I just want them to migrate all they want but create as little mess as possible. They don’t care one bit about his group and they’re just there to stir things up and leave. They don’t care about what the fans of the group think either, they’re just delusional. Jaechan has always participated in group promotions first
2. ….The fact that they think that an entertainment company would just give them the feedback is even more abnormal…? Is it because they’re such such a small company..? Why are the fans acting like they have the upper hand?
3. They got rid of the ribbonsㅋㅋ
4. This is how I seriously feel about this: cringe
5. Wow the fans aren’t in their right minds;;; What do they think they can do to someone else’s company;;;;;
6. This is getting more and more scary;;;
7. The company is so small, I bet they lack a lot of workforce too..
8. I get stressed just looking at this
9. If you’re pissed at a company, you can just quit the fandom. This is the best for you, the singer and the company. You might think you’re taking care of the singer right now, but fangirling like that will just end up hurting them
10. Looks like they became fans of him through Semantic Error so they think that he’ll continue as an actor rather than an idol.