Actor Kim Seonho directly apologized for the controversy over his private life, and eventually sobbed.
On the afternoon of the 20th, Kim Seonho welcomed reporters in his role of Joe at the press call for the play ‘Touching the Void’. This is the first public appearance since last year’s controversy over her private life with his ex-girlfriend.
On this day, Kim Seonho appeared with a handwritten letter ahead of the full-scale meeting. He said, “I thought it was my duty to say hello first, so I came out alone first. I was a little nervous, so I wrote [my words] down because I thought I may go in tangents. I hope you can understand me with an open mind.”
After letting go of the tension for a while, Kim Seonho said, “I am very sorry and I feel apologetic to to say this at the press call. Many people worked hard from this Spring to Summer to make this play. I’m sorry to everyone,” he cried.
He continued, “I am truly sorry for causing concern to so many people with bad news. Looking back, I have reflected a lot on my shortcomings. All I can say is that I will strive to become a better actor and a better person. I’m sorry,” he said while crying.
In ‘Touching the Void’, Kim Seonho plays the character of Joe, who was isolated on a snowy mountain due to a disaster. It will be released to the audience from the 8th of this month to the 18th of September.
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1. It’s not like it’s a one-man play, he’s being a nuisance to the work and at the press conference
2. Personally, I used to think that Kim Seonho’s hate was going overboard and I felt bad for him… But I don’t think that doing something like that at a press conference is the right call..He smeared his personal life on the workdㅜ He should just hold his own interview aside if he’s going to do this… He’s being a nuisance to the other staff and audience
3. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is he crying
4. Disgusting, I don’t want to see him on screen, so keep on picking plays in the future
5. If you’re going to start sobbing, do it when you’re alone
6. Boohoo~~~~~~
7. Who cares.ㅋㅋㅋ
8.  Kim Seonho fighting!
9. Anyways, people who like him will keep liking him, rather than hating on him, when I look at his past dramas, his image has changed so I can’t get immersed int hem anymore. I wasn’t a fan either, but I just think “is that so” and end it here. I bet he’s doing that to comfort the fans that are still there, anyways, he needs to take care of the people who are still in the core fandom
10. Meh… He can apologize if he wants. anyways, it was clear that if he didn’t do it, the journalists would ask him about it, and if he didn’t mention it at all, people will call him shameless.. (I’m not a fan)