Do you believe any crazy conspiracies/rumors about the KPOP industry?

I’ll go first:  I believe Lee Soo Man is a creep and he abuses his idols.  That’s way so many of them end up being depressed/anxious.  His company also instigates saesangs and doesn’t protect their workers so that they will get more fans.  Basically, he puts money over his own workers well being.  I am so worried about the future of second generation idols now that they are turning 30, when their contract ends will they renew?  and where will they go?  What will they do?

I also believe every YG worker knows about the drug ring and “red light” ring that YG himself runs.  They just avoid it or turn a blind eye or… invest in those industries.  Yes, this includes iKON, Winner, Blackpink, and if you’re older 2ne1.  And obviously Bigbang but that’s not a conspiracy theory that’s the truth LOL

Don’t have anything on JYP other than he’s a religious weirdo but i mean that’s better than the other two
I believe big hit entertainment is lowkey run by shady people.  People always find the Bang Si Hyuk of big hit so cute but forget that one of their female idols was the one involved in that crazy blackmailing ring with Lee Byung Hun (guy who gave gifts to female idols/trainees and was 😉😉 with them while his wife was pregnant).  Can’t help but believe that Si Hyuk was somehow involved in this (did he introduce the girls to Lee Byung Hun?  how would an A list actor and idol trainees have even met?)
Anyway, what are your conspiracy theories about the KPOP industry?
Also I feel no remorse writing this because while I like idols themselves the KPOP companies can choke 🙂  let those kids date and produce their own songs and pick their own comebacks and get adequate rest and be free 🙂