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1. Slow Rabbit is good at making songs, I’m looking forward to the 5th song

2. Hul Slow Rabbit makes songs for other people too!
3. Oh, I thought Slow Rabbit only made songs for Bighit
4. Hul Lee Minwoo!!!!
5. Lee Minwoo!! He made the track for Twice’s latest Japanese song, it was freaking good. I’m looking forward to it
6. I’m looking forward to the 5th song just for the credit, and the fact it’s called “Brave” already sounds like a masterpiece… No but has Cho Yunkyoung ever produced anything that was title-worthy? If so, maybe I’m just ignorantㅎㅎ
7. God-Minwoo, I’m feeling at peace
8. Yeah god-Minwoo!!!! Jihyo produced a song and Chaeyoung and Dahyun also wrote lyrics!!!!
9. Twice and Lee Minwoo collab is a must
10. Twice♡ + Lee Minwoo = we’re set!!💃