1. Real friends
2. Moderately close
3. I just know them/acquaintance level
4. I only know their names
5. I don’t know them
Kim Sejeong said, “I can tell when people have a lot of sociability, but I’m shy and introvert. I can be bright/bubbly, but I’m also very shy. Human relationships also have an order. I have levels from step 5 to step 1. Level 1 if we are really close, Level 2 if we are close enough/moderately close, Level 3 if I need to say hello and greet as an acquaintance. level 4 is right before we actually know each other and I only know your name and Level 5 is if I don’t know them at all.”
Kim Sejeong continues, “After meeting once, they climb up to the 4th stage. (Dolsing Fourmen (the show)) is all 4th level and (Lee Sangmin) is 3rd level. We met every time I went on a variety show. That’s why I can give you brighter greetings.” […] When Tak Jaehoon asked, “We’ve seen each other before too, why am I in level 4?” Kim Sejeong replied, “I can’t really remember you.”
Kim Sejeong said thatChoi Daniel and Nam Yoonsoo, who were filming a drama together her, were in stage 3, and when Kim Junho asked, “Then who are in level 2?”, she replied, “The members I worked with,” referring to girl groups Gugudan and IOI. After that, Kim Sejeong said, “The first level has Jihyo and Eunwoo. Real close friends are in level 1.”
When Lee Sangmin asked, “Are you going to be fine saying all this?” Kim Sejeong said, “It doesn’t matter. They all know. Actually, I’m very shy and difficult, so if we don’t see each other for 3 months, we need to get close all over again”.
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1. I thought Cha Eunwoo was the quiet type, but he’s unexpectedly bubbly?
2. I really don’t see why she had to go all the way to explain it like that..
3. Ah… I don’t think it was necessary for her to go that far with her words..
4. I find Sejeong really likable, but if someone talked about me being in so and so level~ like that, I think I’d feel hurtㅜ
5. Friends who talk like that can really hurt others
6. It’s not like she’s discriminating people, she’s just ranking them in terms of closeness no..?? Seriously it’s not like you need to be close with everyone, she’s just saying how it’s a business relationship
7. Of course she’s allowed to talk like that, but if someone like this around me did that to me, I’ll work hard on being less affectionate with them
8. Of course you should be able to know more or less where people stand relative to yourself, but you should keep it to you, is it really necessary to rank them in details into levels like that? Is it common? Or she’s just being unnecessary?
9. Of course you’re able to separate people in ranks, but she shouldn’t have said who and who are in level 1 and so forth..
10. Was it necessary….For her to say this much….
11. It’s fine for herself to think that way, but saying it out loud in a place where everyone can hear and see her and talk about this person and that person is a bit…. wrong. Even though she claims that the members know it themselves
12. Looks like people are nitpicking at her because she’s successful now
13. I saw the show and didn’t think of much yesterday….?? But if I were one of the group’s fan, I would be a bit sad
14. Why would you talk like that on broadcast?
15. She’s just saying that for variety, why are people being so serious?