These are both NMIXX’s Bae
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They say that you seriously look 15 kg heavier on cameras so you can’t help but diet. This is something an actor said after he learned about it while working (and he was a man on top of that)
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At this rate, shouldn’t we change cameras instead?
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Wow she looks pretty with long hair too
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I-dle’s Miyeon said that she was never unsatisfied with her looks in her whole life and she never heard anyone saying anything about her looks either. But once she debuted and saw herself on screen for the first time, she was shocked and dieted a f*cking lot
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Wow f*ck, Bae got long hair. JYP, you did well, wow
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When I was attending my music academy, they were pressuring us so much about managing ourselves if we didn’t want to look 1.5x chubbier on camera and be stressed about it