1. #SM Don’t cancel DREAM concert, postpone it

2. Concert cancelled
They cancelled the NCT Dream show that was supposed to be happening this week…
The damage caused by the full refund of the ticket is said to be in the billions. (~800K USD)
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1. I just passed by Gocheok ha… The company is pitiful, the members are pitiful, the fans are pitiful and I pity myself too

2. Realistically, how are you expecting them to postpone it?.. The venue is packed rented until next February…

3. Gocheok dome is fully rented for the rest of the year though
4. Of course the company wouldn’t have cancelled it if they knew they could postpone it…
5. Do they really think that the company isn’t postponing it because they simply don’t want to do it?
6. The company is the one who must hate cancelling this the most…
7. How are they expecting them to postpone it? Do they think it’s this easy?ㅠ
8. Do they not know how much damage cost this was on the company? Do they think that the company wanted to cancel it themselves?ㅋㅋ
9. Of course the fans have the right to be frustratedㅠㅠ But realistically speaking, this is impossible
10. Isn’t it impossible to push because of the venue rent?
11. How are they going to postpone it??? It’s booked until next February…
12. I can understand that from a fan’s perspective, it’s better to postpone it, it’s not like they can’t understand. But realistically speaking, this is impossible so that’s why it’s just cancelled.. Even if they postponed it, I bet they’ll release a notice that it’ll be cancelled in the end
13. Of course fans are saying this because it’s such a shame, they know themselves that this is impossibleㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
14. Sigh, this is already a bad situation for the fans, is there a need to bash them even there…
15. I seriously think I’m going to catch depression…I’ve been waiting for this concert for 3 years… I want to dieㅠㅠ