Idol BLANK2Y came to throw their first pitch. And a baseball fan family was sitting between the fans and the idols. They had to move in the end
+ The fans’ sight that was broadcasted

“Usually when they call celebrities in, they’ll try to remain polite, but they’re putting their idols slogan right behind the pitcher like that, don’t you think they’ll be taken aback.. This aside, they’re not even watching the baseball game, they’re just sitting facing back, it’s freaking so soㅜ”

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1. This has always been an issue when they called famous people even in the past
Many idol fans and baseball fans came that day. Idols fans came to watch the first pitch but it’s also a good thing because they could gain interest in baseball by looking at the game. However, some extreme idols fans made baseball fans frown.
You have to pay to enter the ballpark and buy a ticket. Counterfeiting tickets is a crime. A fan forged proof of appearance to enter the baseball field was caught by reporters.
The game started but where is everyone? As soon as the first pitch ended and the baseball game begins, many fans suddenly started leaving the stadium as if the game was over. Baseball fans seeing them leave their seats frowned at the situation.
It was hard for some baseball fans to concentrate on the game because the idol fans were sitting between them to look at the idol
> I was wondering who it was and turned out it was Baekhyun, it was already a mess since the beginningㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
“Forged IDs and disappearance of order for an idol’s first pitch”
2. So cringe… Imagine carrying your camera all the time regardless of whether the moment is right or not… I just don’t get it
3. It’s not like they’re childish kids, they’re literally grown adults and they’re acting like that for some singers, it’s severe.. We’re not just talking about taking a picture or two, they’re being a burden to others by doing thatㅋㅋㅋ
4. Uggghh stop calling idols already, they’re so cringe
5. I thought they were going to talk about Kang Daniel one. He was the legendary burden. Can they make the idols just come for the pitch and go? (t/n: usually idols stay for the rest of the game after pitching)
6. Ah It’s not the first or second time that this happens during the first pitch, but people always use this as an excuse to hate on idols they don’t likeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7. So cringe…
8. A case where fans smear sh*t on the singers
9. Just make them f*cking pitch and go, they’re so annoying
10. But baseball fans hate it when they make idols do the first pitch