Not long ago, a relative of mine got into a s*xual assault incident
Currently, the case has been prosecuted and is pending in the same court as the Beef bone soup case. (t/n: case that occurred in 2007, where a woman in a beef bone soup restaurant claimed that someone grabbed her butt, the man was sentenced to 6 months of prison in the first trial.)
He got on the first subway in the morning and followed her (it is inferred that he had followed her with his own car even before) and he got on the same elevator as her.
On his way out, he grabbed my acquaintance’s butt under her skirt, m*lested her and ran away.
As a result of CCTV tracking, the car number was inferred and the perpetrator was arrested, and was awaiting trial without detention.
However, the suspect’s parents called my acquaintance’s public defense attorney and said “He just touched a 40 y’o ajumma, what’s the big deal?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Anyway! Those are clear proofs! He ran away.
The follow-up is very thorough, so I’m really looking forward to how much punishment the court will give.
Isn’t this insane?
So to them if she was a 40 y’o ajumma, it wouldn’t be a big deal?
Seriously I’m waiting to see what kind of sentence he gets
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Just try to kick him in the nuts and say ‘it’s not a big deal, I couldn’t even see it it because it was so small’
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So the excuse for s*xually assaulting others will be ‘it’s not a big deal’ now?
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This is how your son will become if you’re unqualified parents..
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Ew f*ck tattooed hannam bug
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So just like the mom said, since there’s no big deal about him touching her butt, then we can just get rid of the mosaic on his face and reveal it refreshingly! Just let him confidently reveal himself!!!