1. The person who treats you so well that you wonder if it’s even necessary to go this far

2. The person who makes you wonder “Why do I have to go this far to treat them well?”
3. The person you feel sorry towards
4. The person that you liked intensely
5. The person who liked you intensely
6. The person who let you know a side of you that even you weren’t aware of (Someone who made you go ‘So I was like that!!’)
7. The person who has a lot of memories with you
8. Others (let me know in the comments!)
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1. To me, it’s #4, maybe because I’m a ISTP
2. As an ISTP, it’s #4 for me
3. I’m an INFP, so #7 for me
4. #3 is the hardest one.. I’m ENFJㅜ
5. AS an INTP, #4
6. #7, I’m an INFP
7. I will never forget someone who is either #1 or #5
8. It’s straight up #4
9. #4 and #5, If you both liked each other a lotㅠㅠ I’m a male ISFP
10. I’m a female ISFP and it’s #4