T/N: This case isn’t big in Korea (yet), the only thing we found was the post on PANN

– But why does this have to be exposed because of me?
– Oppa, you only knew that I slept with someone by peeking at my Katalk chat
– How can you screw up a student’s life and f*ck all of us 3 over like this?
– Oppa, how can such a young child deal with this?
– She can’t even bring herself to attend Kimcheon (school) anymore
– No but she won’t be able to attend school overall…
– Let’s not do this to her oppa
– You can just report me alone…
– Oppa
– What should I do?
– What can I do for you?
– She’s only 16 y’o now and she still has so much life to live.. How can you do this to her.. If she gets ousted by forcing her to come out like that and the rumor of her having inappropriate relationship with her teacher
– Do you think she’ll still be able to lead a normal life?
– Of course her parents won’t side with her either
– She can also end up taking the extreme decision
– At her age, she can definitely do this oppa
To summarize
1. Teacher A from Gyeongju had s*x and is dating her middle school student and right now, other teachers learned about it, but they’re trying to hide it
2. Someone learned about this affair by accident and reported the victim to the school and her school’s education office but there was no reactions to it
3. After this, the police and investigators didn’t confiscated nor seize anything to investigate and under the rationale that the victim has denied everything, they dismissed the case for lack of evidence
The person who doesn’t have the merit to even be a human is still currently teaching students at her school. To the person reading this post, this teacher might become your daughter’s teacher too
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1. [+634, -14]
Do you guys not know what would happen if this was a female student with a male teacher? Usually when you put a female student and a female teacher in this kind of situation, you’d think “Ah they must be really close” and that’s it right? Do you think people can tell 2 girls hanging out together are lesbians..?? How can people around them know that they’re dating let alone are having s*xual intercourse together?
2. [+495, -15]
But if she’s only a middle school students, revealing her personal information might be dangerous..
3. [+454, -8]
It’s a female student and a female teacher (t/n: clarifying the title)
4. [+398, -13]
Just like the comments say, I know the teacher is at fault here.. And it’s right to not reveal the personal information of the studentㅠㅠ Seriously you’re going to kill a baby…
5. [+308, -5]
No but… No matter how fast you can become a teacher, you’d be at least 23 y’o and above. Let aside the gender issue, how can you even develop feelings towards a ‘middle schooler’ and how can you even see her with s*x drive? I’m 24 y’o and even looking at high schoolers, they just look like babies in giant bodiesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She’s not in her right mind…
6. [+229, -238]
This is the reason why you can’t let homosexuals be teachers. A child who isn’t fully developed will be brainwashed by the teacher
7. [+224, -2]
Obviously [keeping it secret] is the right thing to do because she’s a middle schooler and she’s young… But what in the world is up with that teacher…?
8. [+191, -4]
The teacher is 100x more at fault, but what are we going to do with the middle schooler? She’s still a baby. Imagine being pressured by an adult to date them and even get ousted by them… It’ll be very dangerous if they decide to reveal her personal information