(…) The members who started the opening scene got out of the building after receiving the mission and prepared to move to another spot.
However, in the scene, the staff’s vehicles were parked in the disabled parking area outside the building, causing controversy.
The building is known to be closed on the day of filming, and even with the assumption that ‘Running Man’ fully rented the area, parking in the ‘disabled parking area’ could be a legal problem.
Netizens who saw this commented, “It is a closed high school, and the parking area for the disabled should always be empty”, “Isn’t it okay if the entry was blocked anyways since it was fully rented?”, “People are way too inflexible”, “It must have been illegal parking if the parking lot was open even if you rented it.” “, “They have to be careful since the show is exposed through the media”, etc.
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1. They need to get legal advice before filming anything. Of course they filmed the episode knowing that there would be no legal issues
2. Hul why are they like that? They should be careful
3. If it was closed on that day, who cares….
4. It was a holiday and it was fully rented so I have no intention to hate on them. If there were any legal issues, they would’ve already been contacted
5. I still think that the parking for the disabled should always be empty whether it’s a holiday or not
6. People who are saying that it needs to be empty even on closed day are indeed way too inflexible;;;
7. But the thing is that we don’t even know if it was actually fully rented or not even now…
8. Seems like it’s not confirmed if it was fully rented or not. I thought it was a fact
9. Even if it was rented and closed, I think that leaving that place empty is the right thing to do
10. Who cares? If it was closed and fully rented, then nobody could’ve accessed it anyways