The New York Times bestseller immediately upon publication
The topical sequel to Jessica’s first novel Shine
Until the girl who used to shine becomes herself who shines dazzlingly
The captivating love story of the world’s top girl group stars.
Jessica, who is active as a solo singer, actress, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and world-class influencer, has published Bright, the sequel to Shine, the novel debut of Jessica. Bright, which drew as much attention as Shine, which depicts the story of an 18-year-old girl Rachel, who risked everything she could to achieve her dream of becoming a K-Pop star, also became a bestseller on the New York Times immediately after publication. received enthusiastic public support.
Bright is about Rachel’s dream coming true, and the life of a splendid adult unfolding. Unlike her fierce trainee days, Rachel’s new dream, love, friendship, and growth, and whom has risen as the world’s top girl group, are dealt with in a fast paced manner. The media play unique to the entertainment industry, the conspiracies and plotting of the agency, and the jealousy and betrayal of colleagues mixed together, capturing the secret emotions that ‘gossip girl’ Rachel had to endure.
“This is it. I am not Girls Forever.
My career as a K-pop star is over.
… … Who is the ‘real’ me other than Girls Forever?”
Luxury dresses, sparkling champagne glasses, expensive parties, and nonstop schedules around the world… … . Rachel, who spent her teenage years as a trainee at DB Entertainment to become a K-pop star, finally achieved her dream. The nine-member girl group Girls Forever is a top-notch K-pop group, and member Rachel is emerging as a global fashion icon. Rachel, who has become the idol of many fans, dreams of another dream of being a designer with her role model and fashion industry giants, and continues to grow that dream. For years, she couldn’t even imagine a brighter life than this.
But by the rules of the world she’s been in, falling in love means risking losing everything. After dating her first love Jason, Rachel lived only as a member of Girls Forever. The perfect man, Alex, who appeared as if by chance or fate, reached out to help Rachel realize all her dreams of music and fashion. Among the Girls Forever members, the endless envy and jealousy of the eight members towards her for being the only one who received attention, and DB Entertainment’s covert media play, are raging, and the events surrounding Rachel are reversing in twists and turns. Finally, her world is shattered by a betrayal she never imagined, and Rachel is finally confronted with her true self.
The novel was released in July 28th.
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1. She was really a bestseller?
And her fashion brand is actually successful?
I’m just curious
> Not both. Her fashion brand is owned by her boyfriend and they encountered issues, after I looked it up, her boyfriend is actually accused of fraud and gamblingㅋㅋㅋ
2. Didn’t she say that her book will be turned into a drama? ㅋㅋㅋ When is it coming out?
3. After she was kicked out in 2014, the other 8 members of SNSD has never mentioned Jessica againㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, they chose to not say anything in front of the fans because they didn’t want to hurt them, meanwhile she doesn’t even know how to protect the fans and she doesn’t know where to stopㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Seriously if I spent my time with someone for 20 years as friends, I’d never be able to do this to them
4. Wow Jessica is seriously the legendary pigeon. Soshi just released their 15th year anniversary album and they’re still as successful as ever
5. Wow I seriously hate this… Stop ruining our precious memories
6. I’m not even a Soshi fan and I know that Jessica wasn’t the most successful member of SNSD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And her ‘perfect boyfriend’ is actually a scammer, but I bet she won’t mention the truth in her novel right?
7. Doesn’t she even feel a bit sorry towards the other members…. SNSD are still in the middle of promotion right now, doing something like that shows her lack of manners
8. Yeah, Soshi is spending their perfect 15 years as we speak
9. It’s such an American thing to release a novel whenever something bad happens to them
10. “The endless envy and jealousy of the eight members towards her for being the only one who received attention”ㅋ