If you go to the official YouTube channel below, you can see the actual number of views that do not include promotions.

I searched for idols who surpassed 100M views or about to surpass 100M views this year and the idols who didn’t do any Youtube promotions have the same amount of views as expected
Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm
March 21st-24th: 14.7 million views in 4 days
BTS – Yet to Come
June 10th~16th: 90.2 million views in 7 days
BlackPink – Pink Venom
Aug 19th~25th 192 million views in 7 days
And those are the views that idols with promotions have
(G)-idle – Tomboy
March 14th ~ 17th Actual views: 12 million views (4 days)
March 14th ~ 17th, including promotions: About 30 million views
NCT Dream – Glitch mode
March 28th~31st Actual Views: 12 million views (4 days)
March 28th~31st, including promotions: 35 million views
NCT Dream – Beat Box
May 30th ~ June 2nd Actual Views: 10 million views (4 days)
May 30th ~ June 2nd, including promotions: 35 million views
Ive – Love Dive
April 8th ~ 14th Actual Views: 8 million views (7 days)
April 8th ~ 14th, including promotions: 30 million views
Ive – After LIKE
August 22nd~25th Actual Views: 24 million views (4 days)
August 22nd~ 25th, including promotions: 53 million views
Le Sserafim – Fearless
May 2nd ~ 5th, Actual views: 13.3 million views (4 days)
May 2nd ~ 5th, including promotions: 32 million views
Nayeon – POP
June 24th~ 30th Actual Views: 25.1 million views (7 days)
June 24th ~ 30th, including promotions: 43 million views
AESPA – Girls
July 8th ~ 14th Actual Views: 20.4 million views (7 days)
July 8th ~14th, including promotions: 67 million views
ITZY – Sneakers
July 15th~21st Actual Views: 20.1 million views (7 days)
July 15th~21st, including promotions: 70 million views
The total views is at least 2~3x higher with promotions
and when they surpass 100M views with promotions, on Namuwiki, it just shows that they reached 100M
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1. Wow BlackPink are seriously insane
2. This reminds me of NewJeans, they’re ripping the digital charts but their views are actually on the lower end, which makes me realize that Hybe doesn’t really do promotions
3. Youtube promotions aside, their views also go up through other means of promotions, so you can’t just claim that “they aren’t promoting and their views are high?”. You shouldn’t count any type of promotion if that’s the case
4. BlackPink are freaking amazing
5. How is the gap that wide….?? Aside from BTS and BlackPink, no one else really have views that are that astounding..
6. Even for idols who aren’t promoting, you can see that they’ve already succeeded, so there’s not much need for them to promote, and the ones promoting are usually rookies who need promotions
7. IVE is seriously dong so well, 24M views in 4 daysㄷㄷㄷ And they’re only uploading videos through the Starship channel, this is daebak
8. This is only problematic because it affects music shows’ index. They should get rid of music shows’ index. In the past, they didn’t have this index and they were doing just fine
9. Huh? ITZY is quite severe?
10. It’s basically buying results with money…. Meanwhile, BTS and BlackPink are amazing