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1. Jennie seems a bit more nervous when she’s performing live. I don’t know what she looks in real life though
2. They did pretty well..?
3. The song gets kinda boring as it goes on… starting from the middle, I start wondering “when is the song gonna end?”
4. As expected, they are so good live
5. They are f*cking good live
6. Huh? They did well?
7. I think they did well…? People were saying that Jennie danced without power or whatever but I watched it and she was good? Why the fuss? Will it kill you to praise a fellow K-pop group?ㅠ
8. Why do they look like they are running out of energy…
9. No but I can’t see them..ㅠ can they show us their faces?.. I’ll go watch their choreography video again
10. You can always see that Rose and Lisa are trying their best on stageㅠ I f*cking like Rose
11. I like Rose so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
12. The camera work is so-so
13. Why do they look so out of energy? Something feels like a shame
14. A group that’s f*cking good at their job