“I hope you uys can give me 100won each hehehe”
“I’m having happy thoughts”
“Should I say my bank account?”
“Just give me 100won each ok?><“
“That’s this”
(T/n: ShinHang Bank)
He’s a member from WEi, the same group as Kim Yohan from ProduceX
“Then our RUi, if I take a picture for you”
“Can I get 50,000won?”
“Is that possible??”
“I’m consident I can shoot the prettiest picture in the world”
“I’m not talking about 10 pictures for 500Kwon”
“But just like profile pictures”
“I’ll take 500 pictures”
“Select them and even edit them”
“Because RUi are special to me~~”
He talked about wanting to take pictures for the fans and get 50,000won….
I know this is a joke but he’s always talking about money and it just feels like a spoonful of truth in every joke he makesㅠ
I get annoyed when idols talk too much about money with fans….

This is their job so of course it’s normal for idols to ask money for their fans, but the fact that he’s asking them to send him a specific amount each is like a sushi master taking a dump and coming back to make sushi with his hands?

We all know that sushi chefs will clean their hands after taking a dump before cooking again, but it’s just an image that nobody wants to picture
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1. [+94, -8]
Big agencies are big agencies for a reason, they all receive teaching for stuff like that. For small agencies, they don’t know how to run an idol business so they just say and act whatever they want. That’s what I don’t like
2. [+80, -2]
Seriously why are they like that…? Fans are already paying him by subscribing to his private message
3. [+53, -0]
Why is he like that seriously
4. [+49, -1]
I really wonder how much groups like WEi’s salaries are
5. [+37, -0]
I honestly can’t stand stuff like that
6. [+35, -2]
Wow… He’s really just saying whatever comes to mindㄷㄷ
7. [+27, -0]
What is Kim Yohan even doing lately? I feel like Kang Daniel is still active even years after the disbandment but Kim Yohan disappeared right away