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1. What about Uranus?
2. Agree
3. Mars, agree
4. Where’s Mercury?
5. Mars and Neptune
6. Mars is f*cking pretty
7. Where did Mercury go?
8. Mars and Saturn
9. Mars with black long hair is love
10. Venus ㅜㅜ Saturnㅜㅜ
11. Why isn’t Mercury here?.. Her looks when doing the water spray are freaking pretty ㅜㅜ
12. Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn
13. Venus🧡
14. Neptune is too pretty… I also found Black Lady super pretty
15. I seriously loved Mars until the end
16. The first and last unnies are freaking pretty. I like characters with black hair
17. Mercury isn’t here….?????????????????????
18. Neptune ㅠㅠ
19. Venus
20. Mars and Saturn are too pretty ㅠㅠ